Welcome to Yoga Ommen

In Ommen, the green heart of Overijssel, you can enjoy yoga in a pleasant atmosphere. Come visit, and see what yoga can do for you!

Welcome to Yoga Ommen

Yoga combines physical exercises, meditation, breathing exercises, and other techniques to improve “mental, spiritual, and physical well-being”. “Yoga is based on the harmonization of mind, body, and soul. It’s practiced by young and old, without discrimination on the basis of sex, class or religion, and has become popular worldwide.”

Yoga is for everyone! For young and old. Any shape or size. On your own or in a group, flexible or not, with or without limitations. Everyone can practice yoga to their ability. With the help of yoga postures and breathing techniques, you learn to be consciously present in your body and in the present moment. Step by step, yoga calms your mind, teaching you how to know, understand, and heal your body better. Feel welcome to attend a trial lesson and see what yoga can do for you!

Hatha Yoga is an age-old way of exercising in which we pay attention to breathing and relaxation. Yoga means coming home to yourself. Yoga Ommen also offers therapeutic yoga programs that you can practice by yourself, such as Restorative Yoga and Critical Alignment Yoga.

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