It all starts with a wish

It was late August 2006, our car was loaded with camping gear, and, once again, we were on our way to France.

We were approaching Zwolle, when my husband asked: “Can we make a quick stop at the bookstore?”

I looked at him, with questioning eyes: “What kind of book do you need?”

“Well, um, a management book,” he said.

Me: “But you already own every management book there is!” Somehow, I didn’t believe his answer.

Then, the truth came out: “Um, I actually want to get some books on adoption.”

My eyes must have been huge. I was stunned. The day before, I had searched the internet for information about adoption. It had to be a sign. We decided to skip Zwolle and the bookstore and drove on to the German border.

How to make a wish come true

I had given up on my wish to become a mother. At least, that’s what I thought. A tiny fire still burned, brightly, somewhere inside. A flaming desire, carefully hidden away. Back then, I didn’t know that you can make a wish come true in an almost magical way. Of course, it takes more than just expressing your wish. Things simply don’t happen by themselves. In the meantime, I have learned what it actually takes to make wishes become reality: what you think, what you say, and, more importantly, what you do.

Not the types to give in to summer holiday rush, we’re usually tired of driving at the end of the afternoon. We then like to stop at a picturesque village near the highway for a layover. This time, we chose Baden-Baden. I had never heard of it, but it lived up to its name. It turned out to be a beautiful historic spa town with many thermal baths.

What defines a wish?

What defines a wish? They’re chimeras. Visualizations. Images that suddenly hit you. Imagination, that’s what they also call it. To make wishes come true, you first have to make a very clear distinction: between a superficial wish and a greatest wish, a true heart’s desire. Striving to achieve a heart’s desire is different from fulfilling a fleeting, superficial wish. I urge you to let go of the latter as quickly as possible.

What is the difference between a superficial wish and a heart’s desire?

The superficial wish:

  • The satisfaction is short-lived.
  • Little will change in your life when the wish comes true.
  • The wish fulfills another need. It’s actually a cover for deeper desires.
  • To make your wish come true, you depend on luck or chance.

How do you recognize a heart’s desire?

  • You actively strive to fulfill the wish.
  • If your wish comes true, your life changes.
  • The wish always gets you excited. Not only in your head, but especially in your stomach.
  • By allowing the wish to be fulfilled, you improve yourself in different areas. For example, in creativity, connection to others, knowledge, patience, concentration, or compassion.
  • Striving for your heart’s desire fills you with energy and positivity.
  • Nothing can stop you from pursuing your wish.

(From: Feed Your White Wolf)

A huge steel ball in the middle of a playground

After checking in at a simple, comfortable hotel, we discovered a restaurant that had a terrace overlooking a children’s playground. In the middle of the playground was a huge steel ball, around which children of all colors and nationalities played together. It was a fascinating spectacle. To get on top of the ball, you had to help each other. It wasn’t easy to climb, as I had just experienced myself. We looked deep into each other’s eyes. We didn’t even need words. “Alea iacta est”, the die was cast. The choice to adopt was made. The entire vacation, I was restless. All I really wanted, was to turn the car around and start the adoption rigmarole.

A few years later, we came back with our daughter to thank the ball and place.

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