Using Yoga to Deal With the Unknown

On Friday, March 13, I returned from Kenya and entered a completely different world. When I left the Netherlands two weeks earlier, I thought I was traveling to the unknown, but because of the coronavirus, I found an even more unknown country when I got home. It feels like we’re in a science fiction movie, and the big question is how long the movie will last. The challenge is how to deal with this. In this blog, I tell you how yoga and meditation can help.

 Acknowledge your fear

Right now we live in the great unknown. The whole world is captivated by it and we have never experienced it before. Nobody expected this. The uncertainty can make you anxious. The trick is to acknowledge your fear. It’s an emotion having its moment and it will pass. You are not your fear.

 Slow down and find inner stillness

What you pay attention to grows. That’s why it’s important to slow down and find inner stillness. Every action and feeling arises from a thought. Your self-image is also formed by what you think. Inner stillness, for example by meditating, helps to expand your consciousness. It works like a mirror, but a mirror for your thought patterns.

A well-known simile: when water is stirred, you can’t see the bottom. You have to calm down the muddy water to see the bottom again.

Adaptation requires a flexible mind

Remember you have a power within you that’s greater than any obstacle. Focus on who you are and what you want to achieve. As Wallace D. Wattles wrote, “The very best thing you can do for the whole world is to make the most of yourself.” Adaptation requires a flexible mind (also read my blog “The Urge to Grow”). We all have lessons to learn in life and what needs to be learned is repeated. This situation teaches us valuable lessons and makes us better people. By supporting and trusting each other, we work together for a better and more beautiful world.

Practicing yoga at home

I will continue to livestream my yoga classes.

The past few weeks, I learned to livestream my yoga classes, and so far, it’s going really well. Of course, they’re not the same as my studio classes, but they turn out to be a good alternative. I decided to teach chakra themed classes. For me, yoga is about using what you learn in class in your day-to-day life, and the chakras provide practical tools for dealing with the current situation.

On Fridays, the livestream yoga class is taught in English. I hope to meet you there.

Follow yoga classes online

Are you interested in yoga and would you like to experience the benefits of yoga yourself? You can! The exercises are easy to learn and (with a bit of practice) can also be done at home. If you don’t live in or nearby Ommen, our Online Back Care Basics program offers a great alternative! Or join our free 6-day challenge “From Back Pain to Back Gain” first, and discover what yoga can do for you!

If you live in the neighborhood or are visiting Ommen, feel free to visit us. Or sign up for a trial class or a private (livestream) class.

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