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Life is Movement

Life is Movement

I’ve been active since I was a child. I once wanted to become a dancer, but, “you can’t earn a living doing that,” my parents said. It was the 1980s and I (usually) was a good and serious child. It took me until the end of high school to figure out what I then wanted to become. I briefly considered studying physiotherapy, but there was a surplus of physiotherapists at the time. Many were unemployed and left the Netherlands to work abroad. Unemployment was sky high anyway. I saw the world as I perceived it and my parents’ opinion was important to me. Of course, they wanted the best for me.

Everything influences us, whether we like it or not. Just as we influence the world with everything we do or don’t do. You can never know how things will turn out. Everything flows and changes. There’s no formula to tune in to the world – I know that now – but there is a guiding principle: “Act in accordance with your true nature.” But how can we be sure we’re doing that?

Love what you do

My youngest brother fell off his chair one day and got hurt. His elbow was halfway up his upper arm and he had to go to the hospital for surgery. I remember it well. It was in the children’s department, located in an old building of the Academic Hospital Groningen, now the UMCG. I went to visit my brother, now in a cast. As I looked around the department, it suddenly became completely clear to me. About 10 years later, I was a pediatric nurse, working at the same hospital. I walked a lot of miles in there, learning, practicing, and performing my profession with pleasure and passion.

Running or standing still

My parents were happy. A nursing degree meant I could work anywhere and anytime for the rest of my life. Ambitious that I am (not having children also helped), I followed several additional courses and training. In 2002, I followed the nursing teacher training course in Leeuwarden. I liked to play badminton and played competitions in between hospital shifts. That went well for a long time, until I tore my Achilles tendon. It was a sign I had pushed myself too far, and I was literally and figuratively forced to a halt, not yet aware of what a turnaround this would cause.

I had never heard of Kurma. “Who doesn’t walk, can’t stand. Those who aren’t standing, can’t go on their way.”

I recovered slowly and noticed my work in the hospital no longer satisfied me, much to my surprise. I, who had worked my socks off, late to early shift. Who had moved IV poles and beds with or without people in them from one department to another with such passion. Nothing was too much for me and I had enjoyed it so much, having such a great team of doctors, nurses, and other staff members around me.

When you act against your nature, you don’t feel well. When you experience stress, you feel an inner resistance. When you’re in harmony, you feel good.

Keeping body and mind flexible

If you want to move, you have to take action. If you just sit still and hardly use your body, you lose your physical flexibility. The same goes for your mental flexibility. For me, it was apparently time to start something new. To broaden my horizon and use my spiritual creativity to grow again. To cast off my blinkers, leave the beaten track, and look around with a fresh perspective. It was time to expand my world. Only then was I fully able to enjoy myself again.

Life is movement Irene Vos Yoga Ommen Critical Alignment Yoga

Being creative means consciously bringing movement to what is known, so that something new is created in the world. Everyone can do it – yes, you too. Just by doing something different than usual. When the mind starts moving, the solution comes naturally.

For those interested

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