Trusting Life’s Coincidences

Life is full of surprises

Life is full of surprises. You never know what can happen. Yet, it’s not my style to let life run its course. I plan, set goals, and pursue them. I can always rely on my perseverance. It’s a quality of willpower, not one of surrender. Perhaps you can relate.

My yoga business coach Corine van Zoelen taught me to do a year-end review. To look back on your goals and plans and evaluate what happened. How did you spend your time? What would you have done differently? You schedule a retrospective. Part of this process was to make a vision board, which I did at the start of the year. Um, well, that is to say, attempted to do. For some reason, I never finished it. My vision board stayed mostly empty. Eventually, it ended up in a corner of my office and was left there, forgotten.

Life's coincidences Lamu Yoga Festival vision board

But as my office is usually filled with stacks of papers, now and then, it’s time to declutter. And so, my vision board resurfaced. I looked at it, unsuspectingly. I wasn’t particularly proud of it at first. But then, a small card in the middle caught my attention. “By letting go without fear, I receive everything I need,” I read. A Lamu Yoga Festival boat bobbed in the bottom left corner.

Trusting Life’s Coincidences

Is it a coincidence I came across my vision board? Perhaps. Except, I then happened to see that registration for the Lamu Yoga Festival had just opened. I looked at the date. Well, that probably wouldn’t work for me. I put my plans for going on hold. But during my run, my mind drifted back to the beautiful images of Lamu. I decided to check the website once more.


Our lives are full of meaningful coincidences. We also call this synchronicity. But can I trust life’s (many) coincidences?

My eyes caught a name that seemed familiar. Isn’t that…? Didn’t he quit his training? My wonder turned to admiration. He made it after all. How amazing! This can’t be a coincidence! My former mentee from the Africa Yoga Project Mentor Program will be teaching at Lamu. Wow!

 Life's coincidences Lamu Yoga Festival website

It’s good to trust in life

“It’s good to trust in life,” I hear myself say. In one imaginary sweep, I wipe all my practical objections off the table. What did the card say again? Something with fear, wasn’t it? Oh, right: “By letting go without fear, I receive everything I need.” Well, here I come! I mean, it’s a nice fiftieth birthday gift to myself, and that’s as good an excuse as it gets.

If you trust life’s coincidences, many of your fears will immediately disappear. I don’t know what’s ahead. Sometimes, these unforeseen coincidences are exactly what we need. They probably happen more often than we realize. It’s up to you and me to notice them. They allow you to practice having a choice. Or to open up to a new situation or challenge. To the surprises that life has to offer. So, turns out I made my vision board for a reason after all!

LamuLife's coincidences Kenia is calling

“Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get (Forrest Gump).”

For those interested

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