Karibu Sana in 2019 — Africa Yoga Project

“Karibu sana” means “welcome” in Swahili

Many of us make resolutions. The trick is to keep them. For a long time, I had a wish, and in 2016, I put my money where my mouth was.

Yoga Ommen has close ties with Kenya, the country where our daughter is from. From the moment I first heard about the Africa Yoga Project (AYP), I knew that I wanted to get involved.
The aim of AYP is to create employment and wellbeing in Africa by teaching and practicing yoga.

Africa Yoga Project mentoring program

In 2016, the time had come to coach a yoga teacher in AYP’s mentoring program. I felt I was ready. AYP coordinator Richard Kitochi turned out to be a great help. What a fantastic way to share your knowledge and experience with others!

David Maina was my first mentee. We immediately clicked. After our first conversation on Skype, it already felt like we’d known each other for years. Unfortunately, fate struck soon after. David didn’t show up for our third Skype meeting. Richard also couldn’t tell me where he was. Oh, well, I thought at first. I know what the traffic in Nairobi can be like. I lived there for 8 months myself, after all. Or maybe he had mistaken the date. But then we received the devastating news that David had passed away. Although we had only gotten to know each other for a short time, I had lost a good friend.

In memoriam David Maina


After a short time-out, I contacted AYP again and learned that 4 mentees were still waiting for a mentor. This was enough motivation for me to pick up where I had left off. I got a new mentee. But no matter how hard we both tried, my new mentee couldn’t get his training on track. Ultimately, we decided to stop the collaboration. It had cost a lot of blood, sweat, and tears, so to speak. That’s why I first wanted to think about how to proceed…

Once again, I took a time-out. But now for a somewhat longer period. I decided that, if I wanted to become a mentor for the AYP again, I wanted to know more about the (recently established) AYP Academy first. This is the reason why Jose Meboer and I will travel back to the country of our children at the beginning of June. We want to raise $1000,- for our visit to the AYP and the Academy. All money will go to free yoga classes for Kenyans in their communities.

Your donation

You can support us by donating to our cause. In return, I will give away a free online Back Care Basics program (worth € 159,-) to one lucky contributor at the beginning of June! All donations are welcome, no matter how big or small. The money goes directly to the Africa Yoga Project.

Asante sana, thank you very much!

During our trip to Kenya, I will take you with me on my visit to the AYP Academy and share what I learn there. So, stay tuned!

Donation Africa Yoga Project


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