The Power of Your Thoughts

The power of your thoughts

There I was, at the poolside, near the East African coast, about 7000 km from home. Just one month ago, I worked as a pediatric nurse, making long hours at the child health care center and going on house calls. Now my life was completely different. It felt like a dream.

I suddenly realized what had happened. It really can be done. It does exist and we’re almost there. We have a daughter in Mombasa. The only thing left, was to jump through the legal hoops of the Kenyan adoption procedure. I was relatively unconcerned. All I felt was intense joy, sitting there at the poolside, while our two-year-old toddler took her afternoon nap. Becoming a mom in the tropics had its perks. We had lived up to it for such a long time… and then we made it happen!

It’s all about the choices you make

The responses from family members, friends, and acquaintances on the news that we were adopting were pretty synonymous: “Six months in Kenya? Or a year even? You’re not serious, are you?” “What about your jobs?” And: “Well, just so you know, we would never be able to afford something like that.”

No, of course you can’t, I thought. You just bought a brand-new car and caravan and went on vacation to Italy. It’s all about the choices you make. Of course we had saved a lot to go away for over a year. I compared it to a sabbatical, only this one contained an adoption procedure. I had expected these responses, and I knew why the waiting list in Kenya was relatively short. “Because everyone thinks this way,” I said to my love, “except us!”

Do you have any idea how often the average person fails before succeeding? Just for fun, take a guess. One time? I read somewhere that’s not even the average. Fifty percent of people give up on their goals before they start. They already assume they will fail and therefore don’t even try. I’m not making this up. So, what about you?

How to use the power of your thoughts

A client called me at the end of last year to inquire about a belt we use for certain yoga exercises. She got hit by a car, had broken her leg, and was in a full leg cast for 6 to 8 weeks. I immediately cycled to her house. Upon arrival, she told me what had happened. For a moment I hesitated, then I decided to take a plunge and asked her to do a simple exercise.

I instructed her to slowly turn her head to the right in full concentration and to feel what was happening in her neck. Then I asked her to carry out the same movement in her mind, twenty times in a row, without moving her head. A quick tip: it helps to keep your eyes closed. Then do the same movement again. You will notice the difference. I saw the penny drop and felt her burning desire! “I’m going to amaze everyone!” she cried out.

Full leg cast

Two months later, I received the following message:

I want to thank you for your advice to keep doing certain exercises in my mind, even though they were physically impossible. I immediately did really well after my cast came off. In my mind, I bent my knee all the time, and as a result, I was immediately able to bend it at 70 degrees. And right now, I’m at 113. My physiotherapist and domestic caregivers are amazed by my progress. People usually start at 25. I want to tell you how happy I am. Many thanks for your tip!

What you pay attention to grows

A burning desire is pure energy. What you pay attention to grows. That’s the power of your thoughts. Thoughts with a strong desire work like magnets to realize your goal. The stronger our desire, the more powerful the energy and the stronger your new reality becomes!

It’s that simple. All you need is discipline. And courage!

For those interested

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