Back Care Basics

Back Care Basics

My online program Back Care Basics consists of a series of 10 extensive video lessons that you can do at home (or wherever you want). On your computer, on your phone, or on your tablet.

  • 5 lessons focus on the lower back
  • 4 lessons for the upper back
  • lesson 10 contains the entire series for both the lower back and the upper back
  • extra bonus videos
  • each lesson contains an introduction video that explains the exercises well
  • tips for the use of props
  • the first 9 lessons are circa 30 minutes long
  • lesson 10 is circa 60 minutes long.

The investment is € 159, -. For this, you receive 10 online yoga classes with lots of information.Each lesson contains an introduction video and a video class. Many lessons also contain a bonus video with extra exercises.

The program is valid indefinitely and you can practice it as often and as much as you want to. I provide alternative options for most CAY props, except for the rubber strip. I strongly recommend purchasing it if you want to make the most of this online program. I promise you won’t regret it!




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