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How Stress Can Affect Your Shoulders (And What You Can Do about It)

Critical Alignment Yoga: How Stress Can Affect Your Shoulders (And What You Can Do about It)

In part 2 of the anatomy section in Yoga Magazine, yoga teacher Gert van Leeuwen discusses shoulder complaints.

People are often unaware of their posture. When practicing Critical Alignment Yoga, you are confronted with tension that you have unconsciously built up over time, and with how this has influenced your mobility.

When it comes to shoulder complaints, the remedy is usually sought in the shoulders themselves. But according to yoga teacher Gert van Leeuwen, the cause can be found in the back. Daily tension and stress cause your upper back to curve, and your shoulders are gradually pushed upwards because of this. As a result, your shoulder blades can no longer move down properly.

You can see the shoulder blade as a counterweight of your arm. If you lift your arm, the movement is supposed to go through the shoulder joint, to the shoulder blade, which then moves downwards. This way, you unload tension instead of becoming overloaded.

Props like the strip help you to reach parts of your body that aren’t easy to get to, not by yourself and not in yoga postures (asanas). When you use the pressure of your body weight and gravity, combined with proper breathing, to relax the muscles between your shoulder blades, you can restore mobility in your vertebrae.

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