It’s not a goodbye, it’s a new beginning

In life, we constantly say goodbye

In life, we constantly say goodbye. Every school day, for example, when I wave our daughter goodbye in the morning. Now that it is still winter, I watch the two lights of her bike disappear into the darkness. She’s in sixth grade and starts a new school after summer. We’re approaching the end of primary school.

A great example that things can be done differently

When parents divorce, it can leave an impact. My parents got divorced when my brothers and I were well into adulthood. After being married for almost 40 years, their divorce affected them more than us. Their decision cleared the air considerably and we actually always see them together. They now both have their own house, to mutual satisfaction, and you could say they’re in a LAT relationship. How modern is that! I’m really proud of them. My parents are a great example that things can be done differently.

Taking off my training wheels

It was not so long ago that I was faced with the decision. I can still remember how exciting it was. After twenty-five years, I said goodbye to my day job as a nurse. It felt like taking off my training wheels. After all, I had built up my yoga studio alongside my day job for so many years.

The most final goodbye

The most final goodbye is the end of life. Our family suffered an unsuspected tragedy when, on a day that was supposed to be like any other, someone who was still very young never came back. The moment is engraved in my memory. It taught me a lot. Especially to never postpone things and to live life the way you want to.

You never say goodbye alone

Not only do I say goodbye to others, others also say goodbye to me. It’s why we have so many farewell rituals. Writing cards, sending flowers, grabbing hold of someone. Or, sometimes, just a pinch in the arm, a firm pat on the back. Things of which, from time to time, you may ask yourself: why are we actually doing this? But there’s a reason for cards and poems, for songs and instrumental music, and for maybe just a little more physical contact than usual. We look for each other’s feelings. We want to connect, with each other and with our feelings. Because you never say goodbye alone, you say it together.

The road to the unknown

Suitcases packed, I will soon take the train to Amsterdam Airport. For the first time in ages, I will travel alone. Without my loved ones. On my way to the country where I feel so at home. Deep inside, I know that living in the Netherlands alone is not the path I have in mind. I don’t know yet how things will turn out. Building an international life in combination with a growing daughter, the care of aging parents, a sweet husband and my own yoga studio. It’s the road to the unknown.

LamuLife's coincidences Irene Vos Yoga Ommen Lamu Yoga Festival Kenia is calling

The next station of your life

That a path is something you create as you walk it, is a well-known expression. You say your goodbyes as you travel on to the next station of your life. Sometimes, you consciously choose where to stop next, other times, you can only go along for the ride and see where it takes you.

All of these are ways of saying goodbye to periods of your life, but also of new beginnings.

The Africa Yoga Project is coming to the Netherlands and Belgium!

Africa Yoga Project’s aim is to raise awareness and donations to train yoga teachers in Africa. Bringing yoga to the people and positively impacting public health as a result.

Two teachers in training from Kenya will visit the Netherlands to teach workshops at participating yoga studio’s and festivals. The yoga classes/workshops will be taught in English.

Lovely people,

Perhaps unnecessarily. Given the current situation, we decided to cancel the Africa Yoga Project HHH tour in NL-BE. We will first wait for developments in the world before we make new plans. I would like to thank you all for your contribution and / or registration and trust! We need each other. When we work together and are willing to share, we create a new world. We keep in touch and never give up, warm regards, Irene Vos


Check out the June 2020 tour locations and dates! 

June 1 – Lemele (Netherlands) (opening tour) Natuurcamping de Lemeler Esch 
June 3 – Nieuwleusen (Netherlands)  Zacht zijn (optie 1)
June 6 – Hummelo (Netherlands) (afternoon) SoulFlow Yoga
June 7 – Winterswijk (Netherlands) (morning) Flowyoga Winterswijk
June 7 – Aadorp (Almelo, Netherlands) (afternoon) Het ZENtrum
June 13 – Deventer (Netherlands) (morning) Velans
June 13 – Enschede (Netherlands) (afternoon) Yoga Oosten
June 14 – Groningen (Netherlands) Open Yoga 
June 17 – Nieuwleusen (Netherlands) Zacht zijn (optie 2)
June 20 – Utrecht (Netherlands) (afternoon) Yoga Asana
June 21 –
June 27 – Groningen (Netherlands) Sugarfree festival
June 28 – Westerfoort (Arnhem, Netherlands) Life-Force Yoga en Mindfulness
June 30 – Lemele (Netherlands) (morning) Imminkhoeve

Bring the African sun to your yoga studio, event or festival!

In June 2020, the Africa Yoga Project will visit the Netherlands and Belgium for their very first European Handstands, Hugs & Happiness Tour: the HHH-tour NL/BE!

We are still is looking for yoga studios and festivals interested in hosting and/or willing to help generate awareness and donations. For more information, contact Irene Vos: +31 6 81 47 20 01 /

For those interested

Are you interested in yoga and would you like to experience the benefits of yoga yourself? You can! The exercises are easy to learn and (with a bit of practice) can also be done at home. If you don’t live in or nearby Ommen, our Online Back Care Basics program offers a great alternative! Or join our free 6-day challenge “From Back Pain to Back Gain” first, and discover what yoga can do for you!

If you live in the neighborhood or are visiting Ommen, feel free to visit us. Or sign up for a trial class or a private class.

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